We are often asked: “What is it that makes your portraits so beautiful?”

Well, the answer is: Many things!  Of course the lighting and camera are important, but what has the greatest impact is what YOU do.  Choosing the proper clothing and location for the portrait can make the difference between “just a picture” and a work of art.

Some recommendations we usually make: Select clothing that will not “date” your portrait. Coordinate clothing colors and tones for group portraits.  Be willing to work at a time when lighting is the best for outdoor locations.  Tell us your ideas… we are always looking for a new way to do it.  Be enthused!  Good expression is a key to pleasing results.

We highly recommend a free consultation with us so that we can help you plan the perfect portrait.  The time and effort you put into the making of your portrait will be well rewarded!

You can reach us at 712-541-9232, or email us from the contact page.

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